NBA Bubble Playoffs, Conference Finals


Quick thoughts on the state of the Bubble Playoffs

NBA Bubble Playoffs, Conference Finals

Clippers gonna Clip.

The Clippers fell apart. They blew a 3–1 lead, having never built any chemistry all season. More importantly, Jamal Murray looked even better, and Nikola Jokić seems to be the real deal. They will lose to the Lakers, but they had a FANTASTIC season.

Milwaukee Falls Apart.

Poor Giannis. His game proved to be too one-dimensional, and I am very close to removing him from my superstar list. He needed more minutes each game, and unfortunately also was hurt. Coach Bud made no adjustments, and the Heat steam-rolled them. We’re in for a fascinating off-season in Milwaukee.

Lakers Destroy Houston.

I have a whole post about this. Lebron destroyed Westbrook, and small-ball fell apart. The Rockets exited in embarrassing fashion. Harden was a no-show, and Westbrook proved that he never even belonged in the conversation of “is he a superstar.”

Boston Prevails.

They beat the defending champs without their superstar (Kawhi) in 7 games. Not super impressive, and I didn’t follow this series much. Tatum seems to be proving himself. A Lakers — Celtics Finals would be fun.


Lakers in 5; Celtics in 6.